Jomaa Group holds 8 groups & companies specialized in:
Our Group is managed by a professional team, maintaining our mission and vision as directed by the chairman.
  • - Telecommunications
  • - Software and Mobile Applications
  • - Lottery
  • - Digital Media
  • - Advertising
  • - Pharmaceuticals
  • - Light and Medium Industries.
  • - Real Estate Investment
Our Investment Portfolio is mainly covered by the below Companies, each under its specialty. We believe in investments in under-developed countries with manageable risks.

Jomaa Group manages its own investments within its group of companies, and also contributes in several investments that are managed by partners specialized in their own fields and especially in Africa.

You must   have the guts to think, and when you think,

Think big!

Don’t copy,  create

Don't renovate,  innovate

Don't Follow, lead and  be followed

Don't take the heavily travelled roads,  open new roads.

Our Group contributes to several charities and social activities especially in Lebanon and Iraq.

We focus mainly on charities related to: Handicapped, War Casualties, Healthcare, and Orphanages.

With our head offices being in Beirut, Lebanon, our group has representative offices in: Iraq, Nigeria, Ivory Coast,and London.

Along with our partners, our presence extends to:
KSA, Yemen, Jordan, Sierra Leone, Gambia, Liberia and Mozambique.

DoubleU group established in 2007 is a Value Added Service Provider & software development House that offers turnkey solutions and products to mobile network operators, VAS and content providers,and enterprises in 31 Mobile Networks reaching 112 million Mobile Subscribers in:
Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, UAE, Yemen, Bahrain, KSA, Nigeria, Liberia, Gambia, Congo DRC, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone and Gabon.
Numbase focuses on the conception, development & implementation of top quality Mobile Marketing Campaigns for Operators, Brands & Media

We design & execute Mega Promos of the New Era, yielding remarkable Annual Revenue Streams while providing the ultimate user experience.

Consumers are engaged in a human-like dialogue with their Brands, the Mobile Dialogue, by sending & receiving SMS so as to win impressive prizes.

Al-Amal SAL Offshore, Business aggregator in the Iraqi market.

Al-Amal's main fields are:
Industrial businesses, contracting, and electricity

961Media Starting late 2011, 961 Media has become the exclusive media representative of NBN TV station in Lebanon & the Arab World.
961 Media was a major key player in the changes made starting 2012; NBN was mainly a political channel until it recently went through a restoration where new diversified shows were introduced such as youth programs, new series, cook shows & beauty programs. 961 Media has been dealing with agencies & clients on a specialized mechanism thus providing NBN with more credibility.
Fortress Strategies Ltd is a media representative handling advertisements placement for TV stations in the Middle East region and contributes to their success and development through meeting their interests.

Fortress aims at providing high sales income while insuring significant exposure for the client. The company is the Number One media representative in iraq and also seeks to expand its reach among other countries.

Promedica S.A.L, a company established in 2012 and specialized in beauty and health products.

Through niche brands, Promedica attends a wide network of distribution, and insures to the market promising brands, serving the new needs for the diversified clientele.

With its headquarters located in the Lebanese capital, Beirut, Promedica imports, promotes and distributes Health & Beauty Products as:

  • Rodial Skincare: based in UK and is now recognised as a leading global brand with a huge celebrity following
  • Hair by Revitalash, Mascara by Revitalash and Revitabrow
  • Discover Multi-panel Drug Test Cup
PPCH Limited A Prepaid mobile clearing house.